Know Me Now

As I was. As I am. As I can be.


We believe 
in the right to change.

Personal evolution is a basic human right—especially in the service of our families and our communities.

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Know Me Now

aims to reduce prison-return rates in Oregon by building family-centric support systems—in homes and neighborhoods—that empower the transitioning person’s right to change, grow, and enhance their legacy.

We stand

to ensure healthy reunification
between families impacted
by incarceration.

We seek

to mobilize Oregonians
as networks of support—
in homes and neighborhoods.

We strive

to lower prison-reentry rates
and keep children, parents,
and communities together.

Serving everyone involved.

Reunification is a three-piece effort.
We work with everyone to do right
by individuals.

Growing greater legacies.

Reunification is a path less traveled.
We provide direction that guides
those essential journeys.

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Belief that builds.

Belief quiets doubt and inspires action.
It sustains transition by building momentum and confidence through continuous connections with family and community.

Growth that stabilizes.

Growth is an incremental process.
Determination and stamina are required to break the cycle of incarceration and achieve stability with staying power.

Legacies that last.

Legacies define families and communities.
Taking ownership of your actions ensures your life will be remembered for your achievements, not your incarceration.