Know Me Now will be sunsetting on June 30, 2022.

As Know Me Now was trying to get off the ground, the COVID-19 pandemic began and greatly disrupted volunteer engagement, government agencies’ modes of operation, and access to families impacted by incarceration. After two years of persevering in our commitment to serve kids and families and countless pivots to try to adjust to ever-changing realities in Oregon, the leadership team realized together that this is no longer possible.  

We are thankful for YOU!  Know Me Now supporters, volunteers, thought partners, and grant funders providing support for returning neighbors and their families over the past two years. Returning neighbors and their kids showed incredible resilience while offering up the privilege of walking alongside them as they navigated reclaiming their places in our community. It has been an incredible honor to serve kids and families impacted by incarceration!  

With you, we are grieving the end of Know Me Now while simultaneously holding hope that there are others in our local community caring for this specific population. To highlight just a few: 

The Pathfinder Network 

SE Works 


With gratitude, 

The Know Me Now Team